We are young people
who love aviation.

Pilots, dispatchers, air traffic controllers and many more. For years, we have dreamt about working in aviation. About flying. As students and fresh graduates, we were frustrated with certain aspects of our studies, mainly the lack of practical, hands-on experience and large amount of academical theory. We wanted to get more from the field we love!

It all began with an
epic adventure.

We successfully completed an aviation round trip around Western Europe, gave a ride to 103 years old Sir Nicholas Winton and flew to Morocco (and then back, all the way to Hamburg, Germany). As our experience grew, we soon wanted to do a bigger project to engage more people.

Our first event,
Flying 4 People,
was awesome.

We have engaged high-profile aviation companies, organized lectures and discussions, brought world-class aviation figures to Prague that shared our goal – to inspire, to empower, to connect people fascinated with flying.

Now we’re organizing
an even better and
bigger event.

Flying 4 Students will feature 10 significant aviation personalities from all around the world and numerous companies engaging directly with the attendees during a series of carefully prepared workshops. Networking opportunities will be all-present and the event will culminate with a gala evening. All in all, F4S will be a revolutionary event – never before was there such a chance to directly impress potential employers and to land a job offer.

Wanna join us?

With our large bucket list, we know this is just the beginning. We are Aerolife, and we stay true to our original vision. If you have what it takes, shoot us an e-mail and become one of us.

Thanks for reading
our story!